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Vocational Assessment

We assess the vocational potential of an individual based on their current medical status which includes possible work restrictions in addition to other variables such as age, education, work history, transferrable skills, interests and work abilities.

Vocational Testing

Testing is administered and the results interpreted to assist in determining vocational alternatives using academic, aptitude and interest instruments.

Labor Market Surveys

Specific job opportunities are identified within an appropriate geographical area after considering an individual's education, physical capabilities, work history, and transferrable skills and interests. When appropriate, vocational training opportunities are considered and developed.

Job Placement

If appropriate, specific employment and employer referrals are developed for an individual as vocational alternatives within the context of development of a career plan.  Resume preparation, assistance with the job application process, job-seeking skills training and interview preparation are services which can also be provided.

Expert Testimony

Ms. Hoffman has been accepted and served as an expert witness in multiple state, federal and administrative courts. A testimony list (Rule 26(b) is available upon request.